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The holiday season is fast approaching, ensure you are prepared

The holiday season is fast approaching and in a country where crime is an everyday threat, it is important to be prepared.

Historically the festive season has been a time of increased crime activity in all aspects of crime, especially home break-ins.

With many home owners going away to take a break after a long year of tough challenges and exhausting work, it presents an opportunity to criminals to operate with less of a risk than normal times throughout the year.

It is important to focus on home security if you as a home owner are planning on going on holiday this festive season. Focus needs to be placed on your defences at home. It is important to ensure that your home has sufficient lighting throughout the night.

If you plan on going away this festive season, also remember that a great preventative measure is to be 100% sure that no valuable items will be visible in your yard and home. Criminals always assess a property before deciding to proceed with a break-in. Making sure there is nothing of value visible in your premises will make you a lesser target.

There is also a constant increase in assault, kidnapping and hijacking crimes during the festive season. Remember to be vigilant and assess everyone and everything around you as a possible threat. It is better to be too careful than having regret later on.

Before leaving your home unattended for days at a time, consider this a good time to get a home security system and armed reaction services. Though it is the holiday season, for us as security officers, this is our busiest time. So while you go enjoy a holiday, you can have peace of mind knowing that we are out on the streets working harder than ever.

Mighty Tactical Reaction Services always has your back, even when you are out of town. We make a promise when we become your security provider that we will protect you and your property, and by all means possible, we intend to uphold that promise.

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