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Have you heard of the MIGHTY TRS panic button ?

This blue panic button, linked to the MTRS App and MTRS Control Room, allows a user to press the panic button in the case of an emergency sending the live tracking of the device to us ! This allows our expert armed reaction officers to respond to your exact location of panic.

The device also sends control room a medical emergency signal when the device is dropped.. perfect for the elderly and sickly. Should the device hit a hard surface, a medical emergency is sent to our control with the exact location, allowing us to respond and dispatch medical help.

The Device can be linked to multiple MTRS Apps, allowing parents for example, to track where their school-going children are AND to view their movement in the days prior.

Want to hear more ?

Email us on-

Or alternatively call us on - 015 590 1776

You can also fill in the required fields on our website and we will get back to you-

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