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Mighty Tactical Reaction Services is your Private Security Intelligence Hub assisting in mitigating your Business and Personal Security Risks! 

By using the latest research in crime statistics, Advanced Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Technology and years of combined experience in different fields of risk Analysis, Policing, crime investigation and crime fighting to create innovative methods to prevent, alert and deter crime. Combining our technology with continuously developing softwares to produce specific  custom reporting systems for whatever needs surveillance! 

Using the same data and cohesion amongst our departments such as Reaction, Tracking and Tracing, Guarding, High Crime Intelligence, etc,  to apprehend suspects and to ensure your safety always comes first and keeping Top Management and Client relationships a top priority to always recondition your Security Detail for your safety. 

MTRS provides you with a wide range of security services:


Installation of security systems at your premises. In the event of an alarm received from your premises, we will contact you with information in regard to the alarm event.



Installation of security systems at your premises with Armed Reaction. In the event of an alarm at the premises we will dispatch a team of highly armed guards to attend to the alarm event. Our teams are well know for exceptional response times.


Use the interactive security app to use in case of an emergency to let our guards know where you are and what is happening. We respond to your emergency immediately.


We provide you with visible policing and patrols at any site you wish to protect. We station guards and schedule patrol vehicles to assess the security at your site. This is a perfect service for any person heading out of town or leaving their business empty. Arrange for visibility and patrols to monitor your sites.

If you are hosting a private event or party and require security services, we provide you with the best event security on the market. Have guards posted at your event and get access control to the event. Be rest assured that your event safety will go without a hitch.


Feel unsafe? Are you a VIP? We can provide you with private armed protection from our highly trained specialist guards. Get peace of mind knowing our guards are monitoring and following you every step you take. Your safety is our specialty.


We provide you with personal body guarding service. Have an asset that needs protection or vehicle that broke down? Stuck at the side of the road and feel like you might be in danger? Arrange with us for body guarding services, and our armed guards will protect you and your assets for as long as need be


We provide you with an armed escort from point A to point B. If you are a VIP or regular member of society planning to travel, and wish to be protected on your journey, we will ensure your full protection on the road.

Working late? Contact us to escort you home safely.

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