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Stay alert while on the road

We live in a country and town where crime is constantly on the rise, especially hijackings and smash and grab crimes.

We find that in many cases these crimes occur to the distracted driver, who at the time is not aware of their surroundings and who is moving around their motor vehicle.

There are however steps that can be taken by you, the driver to ensure a safer journey on the road:

  • Never use a cell phone while standing at a red light or in a parking lot. This makes you a prime target for smash and grab incidents. Criminals will notice that you are distracted, and before you are even able to comprehend what is happening it could be too late.

  • Be aware of people moving around your vehicle. Criminals will usually make a round trip around your vehicle to see if you appear distracted or if anything of value is around. If you notice someone circling your vehicle, be ready to move in an instant.

  • Never keep anything of value within sight inside your vehicle.

  • When requested to pull over by an unmarked law enforcement vehicle at night, do the following. If you feel at risk that they vehicle occupants might not be who they project to be, slow down, activate your hazard lights, and indicate to the vehicle to follow you while driving slowly as not to create the impression of fleeing. Drive to the nearest police station where it is safe to get out of the vehicle. Whilst driving to a police station, make contact with the station and ask for confirmation of whether the said vehicle occupants are indeed members of SAPS or the Traffic Department.

  • Be vigilant at red traffic lights at night time. Look for any suspicious people standing around or approaching your vehicle.

  • Whenever possible, when driving at night, be sure to have at least one other person in the vehicle with you. The more occupants in the vehicle, the less of a target you are.

Never be under the impression that you are safe on the road. Do not allow yourself to lose focus. These are dangerous times, and through keeping an open eye, you could prevent such incidents from happening to you.

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