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Dramatic increase in Armed Robberies. STAY ALERT!!!

As the holiday season starts to kick off, we have seen a dramatic increase in armed robberies in Polokwane and surrounding areas.

We wish everyone a relaxing holiday season, but want to keep the public informed of crime trends in the area. We want to put emphasis on the fact that business owners need to be on high alert during this time.

This is the time to be more careful that ever. During the past few weeks a number of reported armed robberies have taken place. It seems that businesses are being targeted at an alarming rate. It is important to note that armed robberies can turn dangerous very quickly, and as a business owner you need to keep your safety and that of your employees as your number one priority. Business owners must keep their eyes open for any suspicious activities. Should you see something that seems out of the ordinary give MTRS a call at: 015 590 9911.

Consider this a good time to get your business a Panic Monitoring System, to allow you and your employees to get assistance in an instant in the event of any altercations at your business. You can be a part of stopping this crime trend by giving Law Enforcement an opportunity to catch these criminals in the act. Be a part of the crime stopping movement in Polokwane.

MTRS will fight crime to the end of time, and we will never stop the pursuit of ridding crime in Polokwane.

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