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Do not drink and drive!!!

As the year comes to an end we all want to celebrate the passing of another tough year gone by, but we encourage everyone to do so safely.

As per most years there is an increase in road fatalities over this time period. Unfortunately many of these are caused by drunk driving incidents.

We encourage everyone to enjoy the festive season, but to take care while doing so. Should you know that you will be drinking alcohol, you should plan ahead to organize a "take me home" service or use a driver service. Keep in mind that driving while intoxicated does not only put your life in danger, but also that of innocent road users sharing the road with you.

Rather be safe than regret something later on. Let us allow everyone to enjoy their holiday season without the threat of intoxicated drivers on the road.

As for MTRS, there will be zero tolerance for drink driving on the roads. Should you be caught endangering the lives of road users due to intoxication, you will be arrested and action will be taken according the the procedures of the law.

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