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Mighty Tactical Reaction Services has done it again. Another stolen vehicle recovered!!!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

MTRS was dispatched to intercept a Hijacked vehicle in the Limpopo Province. The vehicle was Hijacked by 4 armed suspects in the Turfloop area, Mighty Tactical Reaction Services was dispatched, and one of our rapid response vehicles responded. The vehicle was recovered within two hours, before the vehicle could make its way out of the area, never to be seen again.

Exceptional team work, fast reaction response and clear concise communication between the MTRS teams led to the recovery of the vehicle.

The MTRS teams are always on high alert and on the look out. We are always watching! We have zero tolerance for crime and we are ready at a moments notice to react. Well done to the teams working on the recovery. Another job well done for MTRS.

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