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Keep your home secure with these tips

Times are tough. We find ourselves not feeling safe inside our own homes, the one place where we should be able to relax with not a care in the world.

House break-ins are at an all time high with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

There are however a few simple ways we can decrease the chances of becoming a target of such types of crimes:

  • Ensure that your yard has alarm beams surrounding your fence. Early detection is the best prevention. This will allow you to activate the beams while at home and moving inside and outside your home, when the beams are crossed you will have time to lock up and secure yourself inside the house.

  • Cameras are also a massive deterrent for criminals. It indicates that you have eyes on your home, even when not physically there. Cameras can also be connected to your alarm company, giving them eyes on scene in the event of an alarm or panic event.

  • Make sure that no valuables are visible from your windows, either put them away or use curtains that you can not see through.

  • Consider getting you a best friend, and with that I mean a dog. Dogs can be scary, and they deter criminals.

  • Not to mention, have a security company whom you know will respond to your emergency. One like Mighty Tactical Reaction Services

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